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면동초등학교 도서관  2021

Use 서울 면동초등학교

Location 서울 중랑구 면목로57길 32 

Building Area  복도 공용공간 (지상 2,3,4층), 면적 460m2

Research Team 


 복합문화공간으로 다시 태어난 도서관

Seoul Myeondong Elementary School consists of a west wing, main building, and annex, and forms a "C" shape, surrounding the playground. A school library should not only be a space for book-reading, but also for the classroom in order to enhance educational effects. However, the library of Myeondong Elementary School used to be a small space with poor accessibility, which was dark and closed throughout the day.

Consequently, it fails to promote interest in reading books, rather than just being a book warehouse. The design ideation started with finding problems, with one goal in mind to transform the library to function as desired. At first, the library is relocated to the center space of the school that connects the lobby of the main building and west wing, to be more accessible. The lobby of the main building gives the first impression of the school for students, teachers, and visitors as it is connected to the main entrance and leads to other buildings. In doing so, the formerly idle space and hallway of the lobby add extra space for performing arts, exhibitions, or cultural events in addition to the library. The remodeled library of Seoul Myeondong Elementary School is now reborn as a culture hub for reading, learning, or playing.


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