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송파 청소년문화회관  20??



Building Area

Research Team

The youth facilities face a new challenge amongst various social changes, such as, the decrease of youth population due to low birth-rates, increase of multi-culture and multi-national families, liberal trends of education, and extended uses of information technology. Also, in line with economic affluence, the desire to lead a leisurely lifestyle increases the interest in youth culture and life as well as its corresponding facilities. The design of youth cultural center in Songpa-gu, Seoul, provides a platform to promote communications and group activities and facilitate the development of emotional intelligence among young people. The key takes on the site plans always are; firstly, a preliminary literature research suggests the psychological behaviour of youth and the required space for the youth facilities. Secondly, the design of a cultural complex, which is flexible enough to cope with the changes in social trend as well as cooperate with ambient environments. Thirdly, a space program and its design elements are provided to make use of the common use space, reflecting the psychological behaviour of youth, a town alley is emulated in a youth cultural center to make the facilities always open to locals and young people to communicate, play, and learn in a lively and safe atmosphere.


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