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어울초등학교  2020



Building Area

Research Team

Urwool Elementary School

is surrounded by children's parks, public institutions, and apartments nearby. The playground area was very small compared to the standard elementary school playgrounds. However, the indoor idle space in the hallway adjacent to the classroom facing the courtyard had an area and conditions that could satisfy the insufficient external play space.
The design was applied to six corridor idle spaces located on the west and north floors of the second, third, and fourth floors through proper convergence of four programs: play, relaxation, reading, and exhibition spaces. The design of the classroom was to stimulate students' physical senses and promote mental stability through the restructuring of idle public spaces in the hall.
The western corridor play area on the second, third, and fourth floors, where the lower grade classrooms are located, are creative and emotional play areas. They are planned as dynamic spaces to induce play and develop physical strength by planning appropriate physical activities for the lower grades.


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