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염경초등학교 도서관  2022



Building Area

Research Team

"Thinking Go Up Library”

Yeomgyeong Elementary School library was a monotonous library arranged mainly for functions. Through the renovation, we wanted to increase awareness and openness. As a result, the library transformed into a space where the children can broaden their thinking and rest properly through various reading activities.

Located on the second-floor central part of the school, the library lacks the intersection of many students' movements, entrances, and cognition. Also, there was no unified leading concept of color planning or space composition because of the sporadic restructuring of the school space. Therefore, considering both the interior and exterior design of the library, we planned to make the library a central place of the school where students want to come and stay.

The entrance is pushed inward to leave a front room space to recognize the library on the corridor. The access to the library was made open with a wide automatic door and windows. The library bookshelves were arranged toward the wall to secure the library space as much as possible and to provide enough open space in the middle.

An attic was installed at the corner of the library in the hallway, and windows were planned so that students passing by in the hallway would be curious about the library. In the corner of the window on the other side, there was a short space for sitting down so that reading activities could be carried out in a free posture and group activities


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