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Windcoaster  20??


The Wind Coaster is an iconic artwork of Santa Monica, encompassing the past by bringing forth memories, as well as the future by dealing with renewable energy and desalination with a fantastic aesthetic appeal. The chief focus of this project is to show and celebrate the memory, variety, and energy of Santa Monica's environment and to rejuvenate the Santa Monica pier in past times. Plenty of people still remember and miss the heyday of the Santa Monica pier in past times. The massive wooden rollercoaster, dancing, surfing, swimming, and also numerous people wading through the water at the beach - many people continue to hold on to this memory of bustling crowds and a vibrant atmosphere. Our plan is to transform this wooden rollercoaster, which was the result of urban expansion, into a powerful and fantastic icon in order to enhance the importance of Santa Monica's environment and its memories.


The project deals with two contradictory elements. The first is that from a distance the area's design catches people's attention with a wooden rollercoaster which represents Santa Monica pier's vibrant past. It brings up long-lost childhood memories about the experiences had in the space. As they enter the grand artwork however, they face a more futuristic scenery. Visitors are greeted by turbines spinning in different sizes, as well as roads running in waves all along the way that bring about a space filled with ardent curiosity and a fantastic atmosphere in a completely different and new way. This familiar yet strange feeling makes the artwork appealing but also gives off contradictory feelings.

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